The Rize Network

Early Research & Development

Empowering the


Pick your poison.

Social media sites have gotten exhausting. Whether its a political battleground, or ad-infested pit you are avoiding; the Rize can be your escape from it all. Get the content you want, from the services you want, without using their players directly. You can also share the serenity by sending your friends links from the Rize. When opened, your shared content can play directly on the Rize using the streaming services they prefer.

Build it, then play it.

With the Rize universal player, you can stream from any of your favorite music sources. Build an awesome library on one device, and pick up where you left off on another. While native apps may eventually be created, the main experience is centered around  “Progressive Web App” technology. This means you can access the Rize from most Web browsers, and can get app-like features depending upon device software and availabilty.

Party included.

Dance to the beat, while watching an artist's creation do the same. Taking advantage of the open source gem, Three.js, the Rize player can analyze playing content and add dynamic triggers to a VR, AR, or digital scene- allowing the visual art to come to life with your music.

Empowering the


On the Rize.

Creating a profile on the Rize will take you to new heights, but how? Using a cross-site discography, show off your music muscle without the worry of paywalls and technical hoops. Share your content knowing it will be shown to your fans in their preferred avenue, increasing the chance of streams and therefore monetary gain.

Hang out a bit.

The music scene is global. How can we collaborate with talented individuals across distances, keep ourselves inspired, and increase our musical knowledge? Rize Artists are an elite group, with elite access to collaborative tools on the Rize backend. Share, get feedback, and head right to the top.

Get it right.

After creating an epic Rize discography, you will most likely want to share it. Already have a personal or band website? Perfect, just add a few lines of code and you can have a mini-version of the Rize player directly available on your site.

Selection Sundays

Take part in the process.

Beginning in February, you can take part and help shape the Rize. See the current renderings, sketches, and in-progress ideas. The more you participate, the earlier you can get your ticket in.

The Specifics

Project Status


The biggest complaint about past projects or the digital frontier in general is device compatibility. A service dedicated to streaming and viewing content from multiple sources will need to operate on multiple device types. Luckily, web technology has been steadily improving over the past couple of years and developers are getting on the same page. We can take a website, the basic in web technology, and create a storage solution that enables the website to behave like a native app. The information can be held for offline use, and because it requires certain security measures to be in place, the web app has access to features such as notifications and background-sync.


In the spirit of user preference, Streaming Providers have begun offering APIs to use their service inside other services. These code libraries enable the Rize to exist and in most cases require special permission to operate. LLD does the heavy lifting by building trust with fans, artists, and streaming services alike. 3D artitsts will be in for a special treat, as any Three.js triggers or sound analyzer discoveries made will be going open-source so anyone can learn to create digital scenes for the Rize.



Service Worker and IndexDB (or local storage) technolgy is used to create an app-like experience without installing persistent cookies that can be picked up by marketing or other social media scrapers. LLD itself is an independently owned sole-proprietorship with no ties to record labels or streaming companies. View statistics are anonymous and collected for the Artists’ benefit/promotion using session and abstracted information.

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